Visitor conditions

1 General

1.1 In these Visitor Terms, the following terms are given the following meanings:

Go!Gaming: Go!Gaming B.V.

Visitor: Anyone who visits Go!Gaming.

Go!Gaming: The game center of which Go!Gaming owns or to which Go!Gaming is otherwise entitled and that portion of the public road adjacent to the building to which Go!Gaming is business or otherwise entitled.

1.2 These Visitor Terms and Conditions apply to all legal relationships between Go!Gaming and the Visitor.

1.3 Outside the Go!Gaming locations, but within the cinemas, Pathé Theaters B.V.'s general terms and conditions for visitors apply.

2 Visitor conditions

2.1 All offers or communications made by or in connection with Go!Gaming are without obligation. If a Visitor places an order, an agreement will only be formed by acceptance thereof by Go!Gaming. Go!Gaming reserves the right to refuse group orders, among other things.

2.2 The Visitor must be in possession of a valid Admission Ticket at all times during the visit to Go!Gaming and is obliged to show this at the request of (security) staff of Go!Gaming. If tickets are purchased online for more than one Visitor then the email confirmation will count as an admission ticket for all the Visitors concerned. Visitors of 13 years and older must be present during the

visit the Go!Gaming to be in possession of valid identification.

2.3 During their visit to the Go!Gaming, the Visitor must behave in accordance with the law and what is decent according to unwritten rules of social intercourse and follow the directions and instructions given by (security) staff of Go!Gaming.

2.4 The Visitor is not authorized to (a) smoke or smoke electronically during his visit to Go!Gaming, (b) offer goods for sale, (c) bring or carry animals (with the exception of guide dogs), refreshments, narcotics, dangerous or annoying substances or weapons into the Go!Gaming.

2.5 In connection with article 2.4 and as part of general security, at the request of (security) staff of Go!Gaming, the Visitor must allow inspection of (hand) luggage carried by the Visitor or cooperate with a (security) search.

2.6 In case of violation of these Visitor Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to the cases mentioned in articles 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5, insult, threat, discrimination or molestation (abuse/physical violence) of Visitors or (security) staff of Go!Gaming, repeated failure to follow instructions of (security) staff of Go!Gaming, vandalism, damage, removal, embezzlement or theft of goods, or nuisance

caused by the Visitor, Go!Gaming shall be entitled to (a) deny the Visitor access to the Go!Gaming, (b) ban the Visitor from access to one or more Go!Gaming locations (a "Go!Gaming Ban/Go!Gaming Denial") for a definite period of time and provide a copy of the same to

the police, (c) report the matter to the police, and (d) hold the Visitor liable for damages suffered, including but not limited to losses and lost profits.

2.7 Go!Gaming is entitled to make image and/or sound recordings (or have them made) in the Go!Gaming. The Visitor will not object to the use or publication of his/her portrait/likeness. The Visitor will also not object to the use or disclosure of his/her portrait/likeness when photographing events at a Go!Gaming venue.

2.8 There is no minimum age for the Go!Gaming (unless the game contains a PEGI rating for minimum age 12, 16 or 18). Children up to 2 years old have free access, but are excluded for using game spots. If this is not desirable, game credits must be purchased. For children 3 years and older, game credits must be purchased in all cases. In case of nuisance to other Visitors, parents/guardians are at risk and may be asked to leave Go!Gaming and thus the building. In this case, parents and child(ren) are not entitled to compensation.


3 Liability of Go!Gaming

3.1 The Visitor's stay at the Go!Gaming is at his/her own expense and risk.

3.2 Go!Gaming is never obliged to compensate for damage other than to persons or property and other than if Go!Gaming can be blamed for intent or deliberate recklessness. Liability for consequential damage is expressly excluded.

3.3 Go!Gaming is not liable for any acts or omissions of its subordinates and other persons as referred to in articles 6:170 and 6:171 of the Dutch Civil Code.

3.4 Any liability of Go!Gaming for any reason is limited to a maximum of the amount of the entry ticket or game credits, except as provided in clause 3.5.

3.5 If Go!Gaming is insured in respect of the damage, its liability shall be limited to the amount paid out under Go!Gaming's liability insurance policy or policies in the relevant case, plus the amount of excess payable by Go!Gaming in that case under the applicable insurance policy or policies.

3.6 Force majeure is defined by Go!Gaming to include, in addition to all that is considered force majeure by law, any third party default that affects the Agreement, labor disputes, measures taken by government agencies and any other event that is reasonably beyond the control of Go!Gaming.


4 Complaints

4.1 The Visitor can no longer claim that what has been delivered does not meet the

agreement, if it does not notify Go!Gaming in writing immediately, or if this is not reasonably possible, within eight days after the Visitor discovered or reasonably should have discovered this.

4.2 Complaints should be submitted in writing to Go!Gaming, Attn: Operations, Spinnekop 2-3, 1444 GN, Purmerend. Complaints can also be reported online to Go!Gaming's customer service, reachable at https://www.gogaming.gg/contact/. Filing a complaint has no suspensive effect.







5 Applicable law / competent court

Dutch law applies to all legal relations between Go!Gaming and the Visitor. Disputes between Go!Gaming and the Visitor which fall under the jurisdiction of the District Court will be submitted exclusively to the competent court in Amsterdam.



6 Measures

6.1 Violations will always be reported to the police. Damages will be recovered from the violator.

6.2 The visitor conditions apply to all Go!Gaming locations.

6.3 In all Go!Gaming locations special peripherals (peripherals) are used, such as keyboard, mouse, headset and game controller, these peripherals remain the property of Go!Gaming at all times and must be returned after use to the relevant location where the issue took place. In the event of theft, these Visitor Conditions will also apply.