Questions about my purchase

What does it cost to game at Go!Gaming?

One hour of gaming can be purchased online starting at €8.50 per hour. For a current list of prices and tickets, check the "TICKETS" page at the top of the menu bar.

Without booking, can I also get gametime at the box office?

That is possible but it will cost you 8.50 euros for 1 hour to gain access. That's 1 euro more expensive than buying a ticket online. Moreover, with an online reservation you are guaranteed a spot in the gaming center.

Can I cancel my Gametime or activity ?

It is possible to refund your online purchase of an activity within 14 days. Please fill out the form on the contact page to do so. Within 10 business days the money will be refunded to your account.
Canceling activities can be done up to 24 hours before the activity. Canceling Gametime credited to your account is not possible, but will remain in your account for use for up to 2 years.

How long will my Gametime remain valid?

Your Gametime remains valid 24 months after it is credited to your game account.

What are Go!Credits?

With Go!Credits you can replenish your Gametime when it runs out or buy other items in the shop such as food and drinks. Go!Credits can be purchased at the host of Go!Gaming or soon online in our webshop.

I already have Gametime on my account. Can I go to Go!Gaming without booking in advance?

Yes that is possible if you have at least 30 minutes of Gametime left on your account. Make this known at the entrance of the cinema. After checking, the employee will then let you through and inform Go!Gaming that you are coming to game.
Please note that without a booking, there may not be room at busy times such as weekends. Booking Gametime is always possible, this will be credited to your Go!Gaming account, the Gametime remains valid for 24 months.

I don't have or don't have enough Gametime in my account. So how can I enter without booking in advance?

We always offer the possibility to make a booking online, which can also be done via your cell phone. Are you unable or unwilling to do this? Then you can buy 1 entrance ticket per person at the cinema box office for €7.50. With this ticket you get 1 hour of Gametime with the host of Go!Gaming.

Until when can I book Gametime online?

It is possible to book Gametime online up to 30 minutes prior to your visit. In addition, you can enter the venue starting 15 minutes prior to your booking.

Questions about my visit

Do I need to buy a movie ticket to gain access to Go!Gaming?

No, that's not necessary. You can attend Go!Gaming without a Pathé movie ticket.
Do book Gametime online in advance so you are guaranteed a spot at Go!Gaming.

From when can I enter?

It is possible to enter from 15 minutes prior to your booking. At some locations, you can enter through the cinema gates with the QR code from the confirmation email.

What is the minimum age for gaming?

The best gaming experience is from 8 years of age for regular games. In addition, you must be at least 1.30 meters to properly race in our Playseat Sim Racers. In addition, we take into account the PEGI classification of games.

How does Go!Gaming handle the PEGI age rating?

Part of signing in with your Gaming account is entering your date of birth. With this, the gaming software knows exactly which games the gamer can or cannot play. If the employee has doubts about this, then for games from 16 or 18 years of age an ID may still be requested. For the PEGI of a specific game, check the description on our website under the Games heading in the menu!
The best experience at Go!Gaming is for ages 8 and up.

Is Go!Gaming wheelchair accessible?

For console and PC gaming, the space is set up so that most places are also wheelchair-friendly. For SIM racing, this is not possible. Upon arrival at the cinema, you will be directed to the Gaming Center via a special route.

What are the applicable corona rules at Go!Gaming

Go!Gaming is part of Pathé cinema, because of this the same measures are in effect. Read more at www.pathe.nl/corona

What payment methods can I use to pay at Go!Gaming?

At Go!Gaming, you can pay with PIN (Maestro), Apple Pay and Credit Card. It is not possible to pay with cash at Go!Gaming.

My child only has cash on him, now what?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept cash. We are in the process of developing an online gift card with Go!Credits that can be used to purchase gametime as well as other items such as drinks while visiting Go!Gaming.

I lost something at Go!gaming!

Have you lost something at Go!Gaming? Then quickly and easily check to see if it was found via iLost (https://ilost.co/nl/org/pathe). We aim to register found items within 48 hours.

Can I bring my own gear (headset, mouse, etc) to Go!Gaming?

That's not possible. Go!Gaming uses its own high-end gear. In addition, our crew makes sure that the gear is cleaned regularly.

What are the PC specs at Go!Gaming?

We always strive to provide the best to our visitors. The specs of the PCs present are listed at the bottom of the location pages. These pages can be found in the menu under "locations".

Can I join as a parent/guardian without paying?

This is possible. 1 parent/guide for children under 12 can watch along with the child while gaming or wait in the center until the end of gametime.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

No you can't. Go!Gaming offers a variety of drinks and snacks that you can even order while gaming. It is then brought to you! What a luxury.

How long can I game for in a row?

At Go!Gaming, you can game for up to 3 hours at a time. Still want to game longer? Then go stretch your legs first! We'll keep your gaming chair occupied, no worries!

Can I share my account with someone?

No, that is not possible. An account is not shareable with anyone else. Nor is it possible to give your gametime to someone else.

Other questions

How do I cancel my Go!Gaming account?

To do so, go to the contact page in the menu bar. Select the option: I want to cancel my account. Fill in your name, email and possibly the name of your Go!Gaming account. After completing the form, we will make sure your account is deleted within 5 business days.

Where can I sign up for tournaments and leagues etc?

Look for an up-to-date overview of all activities and events in the Calendar. You can also register there.