Game Training

Game Training

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Go!Gaming is now offering a unique opportunity for gamers to take their skills to the next level in the game Fortnite. The Game Training is specially designed for gamers who want to improve their performance and play together in a sporting environment.

Our professional coaches will guide you each week and help you improve your skills both individually and as part of a team. Whether you are a beginner or advanced gamer, our training is suitable for everyone.

Become part of our growing community of gamers working together toward their goals and learn from the best. 

We are in preparation to start a new season! Sign up in advance below to be notified as soon as training registrations become available.

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Classes last 120 minutes and are supervised by a Game Coach. The game Fortnite is the focus this season. Participants begin with movement and warm-up to stretch, warm up and maintain good posture. Coaches will ensure a good balance between active gaming and active exercise during the workout.  

The new season Game Training will be offered in two variations:

  • Basic Game Training: 1x per week for 8 weeks
  • Extended Game Training: 2x per week for 8 weeks

The training season ends with an international competition between all affiliated Game Centers!

Certified Game Coaches

Go!Gaming has a partnership with the Esports Coaching Academy where professional Game Trainers are paired with the program. Basic and comprehensive training sessions are prepared by Game Coaches with sports, exercise, gaming and fun!

Watch this video from the Esports Coaching Academy


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What can I expect at a Fortnite Training?

The workout is 120 minutes and focuses on sports, tips & tricks and gaming.

What should I bring for Game Training?

Provide clothing and what you can move well in with shoes that run well and that you can run on. Equipment for gaming will be provided by Go!Gaming, you do not need to bring anything else.

Who are the coaches?

You will meet your Game Coach online prior to your first Game Training. You can then already get to know each other and ask any questions you may have.

What is the cost of Game Training?

Basic Training (8 Trainings in 8 weeks): € 169,- (€ 21,13 per training)
Comprehensive Training (16 Trainings in 8 weeks): € 279,- (€ 17,45 per training)
Trial Training: € 22,50

I missed the first training, can I join later?

Yes, it is possible to join later in the course, in week 5.

What is the difference between basic and extended game training?

Basic training is once a week. Extended training is twice a week and has more material to go through.

Is game training comparable to e.g. soccer training?

Yes Game Training is a good comparison to soccer training. In both cases, you are exercising with a group.

Do I have to be very good at Fortnite to participate in the training sessions?

It is not necessary to actually be good at Fortnite, the trainings are focused on knowledge of Fortnite and is learnable in all levels.

What age is Game Training for?

Both basic and extended training is for anyone aged 8 and up.