Game Training

Game Training

Go!Gaming now offers a unique opportunity for gamers to take their skills to the next level. Our new Game Training is specially designed for gamers who want to improve their performance and play together in a sporting environment.

Our professional coaches will guide you each week and help you improve your skills both individually and as part of a team. Whether you are a beginner or advanced gamer, our training is suitable for everyone.

Become part of our growing community of gamers working together towards their goals and learn from the best. Register now for our Game Training and take the first step to a higher level of gaming!

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Classes will last 90 minutes, with about 20 gamers in each group. We begin with 20 minutes of exercise and warm-up to stretch, warm up, maintain good posture and prevent injuries. The gamers game for about 50 to 55 minutes per workout, thus providing a good ratio of screen time to active exercise. 

The game training looks like this:

15 minutes - Introduction, sports warm up and stretches
15 minutes - In-Game warm up with group session
25 minutes - Game Training exercises
30 minutes - Gaming with goals and organization
5 minutes - Relaxation and stretches

Certified Game Training

Go!Gaming has a partnership with the Esports Coaching Academy where professional Game Trainers are paired with the program. A complete semester of workouts for multiple games such as Fortnite, Valorant and Rocket League. Weekly and bi-weekly workouts are prepared by game coaches with sports, exercise, gaming and fun!

Watch this video from the Esports Coaching Academy

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The season for the first game trainings have started! Register now for aSingle Fortnite Game Training to join the next training. You can see the training dates on the Single Game Training page.

Would you like to join us for the rest of the semester after your first training? You can; we have 2 variants Basic (1x per week) and Extended (2x per week, to maximize your development). In the center you can purchase the rest of the Game Training at the box office. Of course, ask the Coach for more information.

Cost of redemption for the remainder of the semester:

  • Basic Fortnite Training €14 per workout.
  • Comprehensive Fornite training €12.50 per training session

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  • Single Fortnite Training Nijmegen

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Are you interested in Game Training but for a location or game that we do not currently offer? Then please fill out this form to stay up to date on Game Trainig developments.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What can I expect at a Fortnite Training?

The workout is 90 minutes and focuses on sports, tips & tricks and gaming.

What should I bring for Game Training?

Provide clothing and what you can move well in with shoes that run well and that you can run on. Equipment for gaming will be provided by Go!Gaming, you do not need to bring anything else.

Who are the coaches?

Our Game Trainers are Cédric Verhaegh and Justin van Haren for Go!Gaming Nijmegen. Cédric and Justin have completed a course in Game Training and Fortnite to teach these classes.

What is the cost of Game Training?

A game training of 90 minutes costs about 15 euros per training. A discount will be charged if you purchase the entire semester.

I missed the first training, can I join later?

Yes, it is possible to join later in the course. Ask the coach for more information and feel free to stop by during training hours.

What is the difference between basic and extended game training?

Basic training is once a week. Extended training is twice a week and has more material to go through.

Is game training comparable to soccer training?

Yes game training is a good comparison to soccer training. In both cases, you are together with a group to get better at a sport.

I live in in Rotterdam region, can I join Game Training soon?

Go!Gaming is going to do its best to offer Game Trainings throughout the Netherlands later in 2023.

Do I have to be very good at Fortnite to participate in the training sessions?

It is not necessary to actually be good at Fortnite, the trainings are focused on knowledge of Fortnite and is learnable in all levels.

What age is Game Training for?

Both basic and extended training is for anyone aged 8 and up.