Gears 5

Publisher : Xbox Game Studios
Genre : Third Person Shooter, Tactical Shooter
Game mode : single player, Co-op Multiplayer
Age verification : pegi 18
Platform : Xbox One

The world is on the verge of collapse. The Swarm has sabotaged the Coalition's robot army and is descending on people's cities. Kait Diaz is trying to figure out her relationship with the enemy. In doing so, she discovers who is the greatest danger to Sera: herself. Try the new and exciting Escape mode: dodge the bomb, outsmart the Swarm and escape from the Hive! In this co-op game, you must work together as a team member of a suicide commando to wipe out enemy nests from the inside. Gears 5 is the highly anticipated, visually stunning, sequel to one of the most popular gaming franchises ever and is better than ever!

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