Publisher : M2H
Genre : Action, Indie, MMO, Simulation, Strategy
Game mode : Single player, Multiplayer
Age verification : pegi 18
Platform : PC

World War I extends to the mountains of the Italian front - as beautiful as it is deadly. Inspired by the two-year battle for control of the Isonzo River Valley and the Alps during World War I, Isonzo elevates the WW1 game series, literally and figuratively.

The new Offensive game mode places you in the middle of important historical offensives on the Italian front. Lead the attack through beautiful Italian landscapes and choose your own path to victory - cut paths through barbed wire, flank your enemies by following mountain trails, or man a mortar to force a passage. Shape a dynamic battlefield by laying sandbags and barbed wire, placing ammunition crates, deploying trench periscopes or sniper shields, and much more.

Take part in historic offensives from the Sixth Battle of the Isonzo to the Punitive Expedition. As the attackers progress, the battles within one offensive shift through very different landscapes: from hilltop fortresses to mountain trenches to fierce battles in inner cities. Everything has been reconstructed based on research and field visits, from sound effects and uniforms to the houses, vineyards and trenches you have to fight over.

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