Opening first location!

The unique gaming venue is equipped with the very best gear, including 3080 RTX video cards, Playseat Gaming Chairs and PlayseatⓇ Raceseats. Go!Gaming will also host workshops, events and training sessions to help gamers improve their skills and act as a meeting place.

What you'll find at Go!Gaming

Pathé Rotterdam Schouwburgplein is the very first cinema to be expanded with a Go!Gaming location. The location is located within the Pathé foyer and is accessible through the entrance of the cinema. The Go!Gaming location opens with over 40 gaming spots, 23 of which are equipped with state of the art PCs with the very best 3080RTX video cards, Playseat Gaming Chairs, Philips Hue Game Light and HyperX peripherals, 10 racing seats with Playseat Racing Seats as well as Nintendo Switches and multiple Playstations 5. The focus is on playing competitive games such as Fortnite and League of Legends and racing games such as The Crew 2 and Forza Horizon 5.

Bram van den Broek, Pathé Operations Director and director of Go!Gaming: "We are very proud to announce the launch of the first Go!Gaming location at Pathé Schouwburgplein. We are always looking for how to best serve our audiences. The popularity of gaming and esports is still growing, and where before gaming was often done at home and alone, today we see gaming becoming more of a collaborative activity in unique locations. That's why Go!Gaming is the perfect complement to our cinemas as the place where people can enjoy the best forms of entertainment together."

Matthijs Vink, co-founder H20 Esports Campus and director of Go!Gaming: "Finally we can open! For months we have worked extremely hard with both companies on Go!Gaming. For H20, Go!Gaming is the ideal springboard to gaming and esports talent throughout the Netherlands. In this way, we hope to reach everyone with a passion for gaming in the major cities where Pathé cinemas are located. And to enthuse them from there to come to the H20 Campus to develop even further. But above all, we want to make gaming and esports accessible to a broad target group by offering a unique experience at the Go!Gaming locations."

Play, Battle, Train

Go!Gaming focuses primarily on gamers ages 15 to 30, but of course all gamers are welcome. From avid gamers who play several times a week, to competitive gamers who play at a high level, to casual gamers who play mainly to relax; at Go!Gaming they can all play to their heart's content and compete online with their friends, family, colleagues or strangers. Competitive gamers can also actively improve their skills during one of the many workshops and training sessions hosted by the best professional gamers through H20 Esport Campus. In addition, Go!Gaming will also host other events such as viewing parties, children's parties, gaming experiences and tournaments.

Tickets and reservations

At the Go!Gaming locations, a specially trained team of Gaming Hosts is on hand to guide gamers, explain and further enthuse those interested about the cool world of gaming. From 5 euro per hour it is possible to game at Go!Gaming. From December 6 it is possible to book online gaming time via