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Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X 

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  • Go!Gaming launches unique Fortnite Game Training on location in the Netherlands!

    Onder begeleiding van een Game Coach is het mogelijk om vanaf dit voorjaar bij...

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PLEASE NOTE: At Go!Gaming, it is only possible to pay by Pin or mobile. 

Parking in front of the door (Willem van Arenbergstraat 4). Parking is free, an exit ticket is available at Pathé Nijmegen upon presentation of a movie ticket or Go!Gaming ticket.
P+R Nijmegen-Noord (Willem van Arenbergstraat). When it is very busy at Pathé Nijmegen's own parking lot you can switch to P+R Nijmegen-Noord. This is at walking distance from Pathé Nijmegen. Free exit tickets can be picked up at Pathé Nijmegen.

Bus from Lent station. Bus 300 towards Nijmegen P+R Waalsprinter, get off at P+R Waalsprinter. The last train towards Nijmegen departs from Lent station at 12:07 AM. Last train towards Arnhem departs at 12:23 AM from Lent station.
Bicycle highway from Nijmegen Central. A bicycle highway runs from Nijmegen Central Station to Arnhem. This bicycle highway will get you to Pathé Nijmegen in 10 minutes.
From bus station Nijmegen. From and to bus station Nijmegen P+R Waalsprinter go three buses: 300 Nijmegen CS, 300 Arnhem CS via Bemmel, 300 Bemmel Papenstraat. The last bus to Arnhem CS goes at 11:22 PM from bus station Nijmegen P+R Waalsprinter. The last bus to Bemmel Papenstraat goes at 12:52 AM from Nijmegen P+R Waalsprinter.


Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Open from 6:30 p.m., walk-in until 10 p.m., closing 11 p.m.
Wednesday: open from 1:00 p.m., walk-in until 10:00 p.m., closing 11:00 p.m.
Thursday: open from 2:00 p.m., walk-in until 10:00 p.m., closing 11:00 p.m.
Friday: open from 14:00h, walk-in until 22:00h, closing 24:00h
Saturday: open from 12:00, walk-in until 22:00, closing 24:00
Sunday: open from 12:00 am, walk-in until 10:00 pm, closing 11:00 pm

During school vacations, Go!Gaming is open daily from 1 p.m., walk-in until 10 p.m., closing 11 p.m.

Contact: Click here!

Check here for current Corona measures.

26 PC spots:
Alienware Aurora

Intel Core i7 12700KF
16GB DDR5 4400Mhz
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070

14 SIM racing spots:
Playstation 5

20 Console spots:
Playstation 5
Xbox Series X
Nintendo Switch

Go!Gaming @ Pathé Nijmegen
Willem van Arenbergstraat 4
6515 AT Nijmegen