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Philips Hue at Go!Gaming

All gaming setups at Go!Gaming feature smart Philips Hue LED lights. These lights are attached behind the monitors and are synchronized with the gameplay on the screen. This creates a unique immersive experience that takes the gaming experience to the next level.

Go!Gaming has entered into a partnership with Philips Hue. As part of this partnership, all of Go!Gaming's gaming setups will feature Philips Hue's revolutionary smart and interactive lighting system.

With Philips Hue lamps, effects in the competitive video games you can play at Go!Gaming are turned into interactive lighting effects that make you as a player feel even more immersed in the game.


Philips Hue enters into partnership with Go!Gaming

Go!Gaming is entering into a multi-year partnership with Philips Hue, Philips' unique smart and interactive lighting system. All gaming setups in Go!Gaming Pathé Rotterdam and in future locations will feature smart Philips Hue LED lights.

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"Philips Hue lighting provides an extra dimension not found anywhere else."

- Matt Vink

"Through the partnership with Go!Gaming, we aim to further expand Philips Hue's footprint within the gaming and esports community."

-Angelo Landerloo