Dota 2

Publisher: Valve Corporation
Genre: MOBA
Game mode: Multiplayer
Age verification: PEGI 12
Platform: PC Gaming

Dota 2 is played in matches of two teams of five players each. Each team owns its own base, "the Ancient," in a corner of the playing field. The team in the lower left corner is called Radiant and the team in the upper right corner is called Dire. The game ends when one of the Ancients is destroyed. Each player controls 1 character, also called "Hero," throughout the game. A total of 116 Heroes are available. During the match, players must collect gold and experience so they can buy better items and level up. With these items and levels, they can then try to eliminate enemy players.

Disclaimer: At Go!Gaming, we use the PEGI age ratings.


About Dota 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join as a parent and how does Go!Gaming handle age verification to play certain games?

It is only possible to participate if you have also purchased gametime for yourself and register. So reserve a spot for yourself online as well.

Go!Gaming strictly adheres to the age verification law of 16 years & 18 years, no exceptions to this will ever be made. For games inspected for 16 years and older & 18 years and older, identification will be requested if in doubt.

If the visitor is under the specified PEGI and/or cannot show identification, access to play the game will be blocked.

Even when accompanied by a parent who does meet the age approval, it is not possible to play a game with a 16+ or 18+ approval. So always bring valid identification. Go!Gaming accepts as proof of identity a passport, identity card, driver's license or residence permit. Other passes or documents are not accepted. More information on classification can be found at

Can I use my own game login at Go!Gaming?

Yes! To continue gaming with your own scores, skins and levels at Go!Gaming you can use your own login within our software. So bring your username and password from your favorite game.

How far in advance should I attend Go!Gaming?

If you have made a reservation for gametime, practices, experiences or tournaments, we ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes beforehand. This will allow enough time to log in and possibly set up your account.

Where can I see if my game on PC or console is playable in at Go!Gaming?

The information about the game itself indicates whether the game is playable on PC, Switch or PlayStation 5.