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  • In 3 Steps to Go!Gaming.
  • Your own Go!Gaming account.
  • I don't want PC, but SIM racing or console gaming!
  • Go!Gaming's house rules.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

In 3 Steps to Go!Gaming

Step 1: Online booking of Gametime

  • Buy your Gametime online at www.gogaming.gg
  • You select the number of people, date and timeslot.
  • Do you have a discount code? Then you can enter it in the last step.
  • After paying, you will receive a confirmation email and you are Ready to Go!Gaming!

Step 2: Arrival at Go!Gaming

  • Go!Gaming can be entered through the entrance of the cinema.
  • The movie theater employee checks your confirmation email
  • Next, sign in at the Go!Gaming box office.

Step 3: Create your own Go!Gaming account

  • After your booking is checked, you may take a seat at a Go!Gaming PC.
  • Choose your language!
  • Create an account and give your account name to the staff member.
  • The employees put your Gametime on your account.
  • Log back in with your account and start playing your favorite game.

Your own Go!Gaming account?

You get an extra 15 minutes of gametime the first time to familiarize yourself with the gaming club software. What features will you encounter:

In the main menu you can check the following info:

  • Gametime: your remaining minutes of gametime, which counts down as soon as you log in.
  • Wallet: the value of your wallet in euros, this can be upgraded at the cashier of Go!Gaming. Its value can be used in the shop for buying food and drinks or Gametime.
  • Go!Coins: you save automatic Go!Coins while gaming or you can win them on special leaderboards.
  • Notifications: at the top right of the screen, you can see important notifications from the Go!Gaming center.
  • News: this contains important news or information such as the QR code to join our Discord Community.
  • Settings: Select one of the available languages here or change display or audio settings, among others.

Under this button are all available PC games. You can log in to these in two ways:

    • Play now: a login account from Go!Gaming
    • Your own login account: your own login from that game, so don't forget to bring it with you to Go!Gaming.

Are used with a select number of games and are automatically tracked while gaming. You can win a lot of Go!Coins in these.

    • Challenges: Enter challenges for a fun coin prize
    • Quests: Participate in quests for a nice coin prize
    • Rankings: Check the leaderboards to see how you are doing on the challenges and quest

Under this button you will find various apps you can use to enhance your gaming experience such as Philips Hue and Hyper X NGenuity App.

While gaming, you can order snacks and drinks and checkout with your phone. Our crew will then bring it to you. You can also buy additional gametime in this menu and it will be credited to your account immediately.

Prize Vault:
In the Prizes heading, you can redeem your Go!Coins for fun prizes and goodies.

Do you need help?
Then go to the heading "shop" and press Help Me! The crew will then come to you as soon as possible.

I want SIM racing or console gaming

After you create your own account behind the PC and you have enough Gametime, you can indicate to the crew that you want SIM racing or Console gaming.

Do you choose console?

  • Then indicate whether you choose Playstation 5, Xbox Series X or the Nintendo Switch and which game you want to play.
  • The crew then logs you into the right place
  • You get your own controller from that console, this is registered on your account.
  • After gaming, return your controller to the crew. They will then log you out again.

Do you choose SIM racing?

  • Then the crew logs you into a SIM racer
  • The crew walks with you and starts up the game you want to play
  • You will be given a brief instruction on how the game works.
  • Do you want to race against each other? Please indicate this, the crew will make sure the settings are right.
  • Log back into the crew after racing, you will be logged out again.

After playing on a console or SIM racing, do you immediately continue on a PC? Then log in on the PC; as soon as you click continue you are automatically logged out at the console or SIM spot. This way you can be sure you are not logged in twice.

The House Rules of Go!Gaming

Gaming at Go!Gaming is only fun if it is responsible and safe.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any other questions? Then first check our FAQ page here