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Kingston FURY: Power, Strength, Performance

Kingston Technology at Go!Gaming

Kingston Technology is a leading global manufacturer of memory and storage solutions. Their customers include companies of all sizes, tech consumers and an extensive network of channel partners. This company supplies top-tier data centers, cloud providers and PC manufacturers, as well as companies developing the next trends in smart devices, such as Go!Gaming.

Kingston FURY is the next generation of high-quality engineering in performance memory and storage solutions for PC enthusiasts, gamers and content creators. Their products are backed by Kingston's engineering, manufacturing and customer service expertise of more than three decades.
The next generation of gaming consoles will see a boost in their capabilities with storage upgrades.With NVMe SSDs, the Kingston and Kingston FURY product line expands limited on-board storage from older models to the latest and most up-to-date gaming consoles.
Take control of your boot times, game library and your overall gaming experience.

Kingston Technology enters into partnership with Go!Gaming

Go!Gaming is launching a partnership with Kingston Technology. At Go!Gaming, all Playstation 5´s are equipped with a Kingston FURY 2 TB SSD. Plenty of space to keep all our games ready to play. With a read speed of 7300 MB/s the game starts up quickly, which is ideal for our guests.

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"Kingston and Go!Gaming have always seen the power of gaming together. We have found each other in this and can strengthen each other."

- Matt Vink

"Kingston Technology is excited to partner with Go!Gaming and support them with our Kingston FURY Renegade SSDs and to add additional storage to the PlayStation 5s in their gaming locations. Kingston recognizes the work Go!Gaming is doing in the gaming community and we are excited to help take Go!Gaming's consoles to the next level."

- Krishan Ladwa