After School


Are you looking for a place where you can go after school to game with your classmates? Then you've come to the right place! Starting now, Go!Gaming offers the unique opportunity for school students to take their Fortnite skills to the next level with Go!Gaming After School. During these gaming sessions, you and your classmates will be taken through a series of lessons and exercises where you will learn to get better at Fortnite, collaborate with others and of course have a load of fun with a game of gaming together.

From April 17, 2024 weekly from 14:30 - 16:30 in Go!Gaming Eindhoven & Go!Gaming Nijmegen

The 120-minute workouts, led by our experienced Game Coaches, are all about Fortnite this season. We begin with a warm-up and stretches to prevent injury and promote good posture. Exercise and gaming are alternated to create an optimal training experience. During the workouts we focus on different skills:

  • Building Techniques: Learn the best tactics to build defenses and defeat your opponents;
  • Shooting skill: Improve your precision and aiming ability with various weapons;
  • Strategy: Develop a winning strategy and learn how to lead your team to victory;
  • Cooperation: Work with your teammates to communicate, coordinate and dominate;
  • Variety: Experience different games to develop your all-round gaming skills, from agility training in Rocket League to racing action in Mario Kart 8.

We conclude each training session with an exciting Fortnite match. This is the perfect time to put your newly learned skills into practice and compete with other gamers. Are you ready to take your Fortnite skills to the next level? Then sign up for our training sessions now !



Go!Gaming After School subscription

Would you like to join Go!Gaming After School on a weekly basis? Then become a member right away!

Go!Gaming After School is payable by the month, directly at the front desk within Go!Gaming. The cost is €39.50 per 4 editions. So you save quite a bit on this! Sign up directly after your first session and receive 3 hours of gametime worth €17.50 on your account!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What should I bring for Go!Gaming After School?

Provide clothing and what you can move well in with shoes that run well and that you can run on. Gaming equipment will be provided by Go!Gaming, you do not need to bring anything else. You are also allowed to bring your own controller.

What is the cost for Go!Gaming After School?

A Go!Gaming After School session lasts 2 hours and costs €14.95 each time. This includes game time to play and the coach supervising the session.

I missed the first session, can I join later?

Yes, it is possible to join later in the course. Ask for more information at the venue and feel free to stop by during a Go!Gaming After School session to ask your questions.

Is game training comparable to soccer training?

Yes, game training is similar to soccer training. In both cases, you are together with a group to get better at a sport or game.

Do I have to be very good at Fortnite to participate in the training sessions?

It is not necessary to actually be good at Fortnite. Go!Gaming After School is aimed at helping and informing you to get better at Fortnite, and is teachable at all levels.

What is Go!Gaming After School?

Go!Gaming After School is a program that offers children and youth the opportunity to play games after school in a fun and educational environment.

Is game training comparable to e.g. soccer training?

Yes Game Training is a good comparison to soccer training. In both cases, you are exercising with a group.

Who is Go!Gaming After School intended for?

Go!Gaming After School is designed for children and youth ages 8 to 14 who love gaming, want to improve their skills and meet other Fortnite players.

Is there also Go!Gaming After School in my area?

Go!Gaming After School is first available in Go!Gaming Nijmegen and Go!Gaming Eindhoven.