Meet Playseat®.

Playseat® is the number one choice when it comes to racing and gaming chairs!

Playseat® started out as a manufacturer of racing chairs, but started focusing on flight simulation and gaming in general in addition to racing simulation. Meanwhile, Playseat® has an impressive assortment in both size and diverstity (found, of course, on PlayseatStore). With a wide selection of racing, flying, gaming and office chairs, Playseat® has something for everyone!

Playseat®: supplier of events, eSports and professional drivers


Playseat® and Go!Gaming are joining forces with a new partnership to create the ultimate gaming experience in Pathé cinemas. Go!Gaming is the name of game locations at Pathé where gamers, esporters and Pathé visitors can game together with the best and latest game consoles and PCs. The first Go!Gaming location has now opened at Pathé Rotterdam and the remaining locations will open in the coming months.


Want to experience the Playseat Racing experience at home?

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Do you want the same racing seat as at Go!Gaming?

Playseat Sensation PRO black

Ready for an intense sim racing session? Buckle up and let the Playseat® Sensation PRO will help you handle any curve or hairpin turn that NASCAR throws your way. With its strong frame and authentic racing seat, you can count on this to be the best quiet partner for you as you gear up for a raging competitive rally or GT race. This racing seat is recommended by a number of WRC and FIA drivers.

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Playseat L33T Playstation

NBA Playseats

Among others: The Brooklyn Nets, Boston Celtics & LA Lakers

Meet Playseat's console gaming chair that adjusts to you as you move. Stay in full flow all the time with the PLAYSEAT® NBA.

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