The coolest children's party in the Netherlands

The coolest children's party in the Netherlands

Organize your unique Kid Party at Go!Gaming

Want to really impress your friends? Then invite them to a kid's party at one of our Go!Gaming centers. At Go!Gaming, you'll experience the day of your life.

The 5 different children's parties at Go!Gaming

Fortnite Fiesta

During the Fortnite kids' party, you'll compete against each other in various challenges at your favorite Go!Gaming Center! Who will win the Victory Royale and become the champion?

Go!Kid Party: Fortnite Fiesta

Minecraft Masters

During the Minecraft Masters, you will turn your children's party into a true spectacle that your friends will be talking about for years to come. At Go!Gaming you play on the coolest gaming PCs and keyboards, but playing Minecraft on consoles is of course also possible.

Go!Kid Party: Minecraft Masters

Nintendo Fun

Immerse yourself and your friends completely in the world of Nintendo. During the 2-hour children's party you will play the coolest Nintendo games on Nintendo Switch consoles.

Go!Kid Party: Nintendo Fun

Sim Racing Party

Feel like a real racing driver and go racing in the Playseat SIM racers from Go!Gaming during your children's party. Take a seat in the racers and race with your friends on a virtual track! 3...2...1...GO!

Go!Kid Party: Sim Racing Party

Mix 'n Match

Would you like to put together your own Go!Kid party? With the Kid Party: Mix 'n Match you can decide which games you will play in the 2-hour kid party. We will contact you or your parents prior to your visit to go over everything.

Go!Kid Party: Mix 'n Match

You've booked your children's party! Now what?

A colleague from the gaming center where you booked will contact you in the week prior to the party to go over everything again and check for details.

Then the big day of the party has arrived. You will be welcomed by a Go!Gaming employee who will tell you and your friends what you will be doing during the kid's party.

After a brief explanation, the party really starts and you will play the games you chose!

In between there is of course time for refreshments and drinks. To end the party, the birthday boy or girl will of course receive a present from us.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to book a children's party! What next?

You book the children's party online through this website. After you have placed a booking, you will be contacted within a few days to further discuss the party. In this telephone conversation you can, for example, pass on wishes for certain games or perhaps there are other things we should take into account. You can then indicate that.
On the day itself you can go through the entrance of the cinema to Go!Gaming, an employee of ours will receive you to have a fun party together with you! You are welcome from 15 minutes before the start of the party!

Can I bring my own cake?

Yes, it is possible for the children to bring their own cake. Please indicate this in advance in the telephone conversation with the Go!Gaming employee after you have made your booking. Besides bringing your own cake, you will also have to bring your own plates and cutlery and you will have to dispose of the waste in the appropriate bins.
Note: bringing cake to a Kid Party is an exception to our house rules. Bringing your own food and drinks is not allowed.

Do you also provide other food and beverage arrangements such as French fries?

We have no arrangements of our own or collaborations with other parties. With the exception of Utrecht Leidsch Rijn:
At Go!Gaming Utrecht, we have a collaboration with Kwalitaria Leidsche Rijn. For more information visit

Timing still needs to be coordinated with qualitaria!

Should a parent/guardian be present during the Kid Party?

Yes, due to the age approval of some games, a parent/guardian must supervise. In addition, our staff expects parents/supervisors to take responsibility regarding the kids' behavior.

Do I also have to pay for the parents/guardians?

No, up to 2 persons may enter for free. These persons act as supervisors during gaming and do not actively play themselves.

Until when can I book a kid's party?

This is possible up to 5 days prior to the date you want to book the kid's party.