Save for prizes!

Go!Coins is the loyalty program of Go!Gaming. While gaming at Go!Gaming you can save points to buy extra Gametime or other products.

What about that exactly?

Automatic saving while gaming


Go!Coin is a loyalty point that allows you to claim all kinds of prizes such as extra Gametime or other great products such as a Playseat Active Gaming chair.

If you are logged into the gaming club software, you can see by your account name how many Go!Coins you have already accumulated. You automatically save 10 Go!Coins per minute while gaming with Gametime (and 20 coins per minute with Racetime). That's easy!!! 

Four games to rule them all!


Besides automatically saving Go!Coins, you can also participate in various challenges to save even more Go!Coins and show that you are the best! Go!Arcade focuses on 4 games:

Arcade Systems


Challenges are a competition in which a particular challenge is the focus of a game (example: win as many matches as possible as a squad in Fortnite). Each week, the top 3 save a bunch of Go!Coins.


Quest are long-term challenges that everyone can work toward (example: get 500 kills in Fortnite). Generally, quests take a long time to complete, but you can save up big bucks for cool prizes.


Leaderboards are a competition that highlights the competitive gamemodes of each game. Play as much as possible in these competitive gamemodes in order to finish as high as possible on the leaderboards and thus you can save up big for prizes.