A new gaming experience alongside your new studies? Then come experience Go!Gaming and take on the challenge with your new fellow students. Racing, Mario Karting or a game of Valorant, the game selection is huge at Go!Gaming!

Especially for students (teams, groups or clubs), we have put together two packages that are explained below:

Student Tournament
Student Gaming Day

Host your own tournament

Student Tournament

Host your own esports tournament directly at Go!Gaming. Choose a game of your choice and play with and against each other in an exciting tournament.

The student tournament is specifically aimed at student groups of 8 to 32 people. The tournament lasts a half day (+/- 3 hours) and is completely taken care of by Go!Gaming from A to Z! So you can do what you came for: Gaming!

At each tournament, Go!Gaming provides a grand prize with a minimum value of €50. Sample prizes include a HyperX Alpa S Headset, Philips Hue Play Bar or Game Time at Go!Gaming.

Examples of tournaments

Mario Kart 8 competition

Take on each other on the circuit with four of you. You determine the level of difficulty. Who is the true Mario Kart champion of your group?

Sim Racing Challenge

Take a seat behind the Playseat Sim Racers, determine the tracks together and race against each other for the title of best driver. 3...2...1....GO!

Valorant Deathmatch

With this approachable shooter, everyone will be up to speed in no time to beat each other. Who is the sharpshooter and walks away with the prize?

Fall Guys Knock-Out

Fun knows no bounds in this game! Who will be the first to cross the finish line on Fall Guys' colorful obstacle courses? Choose your character and beat the rest.

Student Gaming Day

A full day of gaming for students during Student Gaming Day at your local Go!Gaming center. During the 4-hour Student Gaming Day, students can e.g. game together or attend gaming workshops. We have a large gaming selection of over 50 popular games.

In addition to free gaming, students can participate in a gaming challenge. The challenge is about the best time or a certain level in a game where you can get the highest score. In the challenge there is one winner who can win a prize. Go!Gaming facilitates the prize with a minimum value of €50. Sample prizes include a HyperX Alpa S Headset, Philips Hue Play Bar or Game Time at Go!Gaming.

You put together the Student Gaming Day with us. Maybe you have your own ideas you would like to add, we would love to think with you to make it a great success. Fill out the form below, we will contact you soon to discuss the possibilities.

Activities during Student Gaming Day

Sim Race Time Trial

Will you set the fastest time on the course or circuit?

Rocket League Obstacle Course

Set the fastest time at the training course!

Aim Labs Aim Training

Set the highest accurate score in the shooting practice game Aim Lab

Package overview

Student Tournament

  • can be booked daily
  • 1 drink per person
  • Gaming tournament with prize
  • Supervising crew
  • 8 to 32 people

Price on request

Student Gaming Day

  • can be booked daily
  • 1 drink per person
  • Supervising crew
  • Free gaming during Gaming Day
  • Gaming challenge with prize
  • 8 to 40 people

price on request


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