Go!Gaming opens seventh location at Pathé Eindhoven

Go!Gaming from October 21, 2023 also to be experienced at Pathé Eindhoven

Eindhoven, Oct. 19 - Good news for gamers! After the success of the other six locations in the Netherlands, Go!Gaming is now also coming to Eindhoven center. Starting Saturday, Oct. 21, gamers can fully immerse themselves in the gaming world and compete with friends or other gamers. 

Located in the foyer of Pathé Eindhoven, Go!Gaming Eindhoven is a high-end gaming area with the best and most advanced gaming equipment where you can game to your heart's content on state of the art Alienware PCs with the very best RTX video cards, Samsung Odyssey screens, PlayseatⓇ Gaming Chairs, Philips Hue Game Light and HyperX peripherals or on the racing seats with PlayseatⓇ Racing Seats with Thrustmaster handlebars and the latest consoles such as the Nintendo Switch and Playstations 5 and Xbox Series X. The focus is on playing competitive games such as Fortnite and League of Legends and racing games such as The Crew 2, Forza Horizon 5 and Sim Racing among others via the Xbox GamePass. At Go!Gaming there is always something extra for the gamer to do, for example, events and tournaments are organized regularly.

Good luck Go!Gaming

The first Go!Gaming location opened in December 2021 at Pathé Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam, six locations have since been added and it has been a great success. A loyal fan base of gamers has been built up, and there have been many times when all gaming spots were sold out. In cooperation with various gaming brands, appealing gaming events were organized, such as the 'Let's Play Nintendo' (a.o. Mario Kart and Mario Party) and the 'Alienware Duo Championships' with Fortnite.

Opening weekend Go!Gaming Eindhoven

On Saturday November 18 and Sunday November 19, Go!Gaming Eindhoven will be officially opened during a smashing opening weekend. On Saturday, November 18, everyone can come and play 1.5 hours of gaming for an introductory price. All ticket proceeds from that day will be donated to the Make-a-Wish Netherlands foundation. Tickets for November 18 are available at www.gogaming.gg/eindhoven

On Sunday, November 19, the League of Legends Worlds 2023 Viewing Party will be held in conjunction with Pathé. During this event, visitors can watch one of the biggest gaming events in the world on the big screen. Afterwards, a 1v1 LoL tournament will be organized with great prizes to be won. Ticket sales for the Viewing Party and the 1v1 tournament will start soon. 

Booking Gametime

At Go!Gaming Eindhoven, our crew will be on hand to guide gamers, explain and further excite those interested about the cool world of gaming. For tickets and more information, go to: www.gogaming.gg/eindhoven