Coca-Cola and Go!Gaming are teaming up this winter to create a unique Wild Rift experience at the Go!Gaming centers and H20 Esports Campus Amsterdam

Train your Wild Rift skills and discover your talent during the Coca- Cola Talent days at Go!Gaming and H20 Esports Campus Amsterdam.
You can sign up now to participate in this training program especially for gaming. This program is set up on 5 different days and at different locations throughout the Netherlands. Participation is free!
Check out the website for more information and the registration link:

Coca- Cola and Wild Rift
Coca-Cola was one of the first major brands to join League of Legends Esports. From 2014-2016, they partnered with Riot around the Worlds and this year they are taking the step together towards "the next big thing" in gaming and esports; Mobile gaming.

As a founding partner, Coca-Cola aims to create unique fan experiences for both League of Legends: Wild Rift and Wild Rift Esports. The brand will also focus on creating value for the community through access to custom rewards and experiences to offer fans unique experiences both in and out of the game.

"We believe that 'real magic' exists at the point of human connection - both in the physical and digital worlds - when friends come together to enjoy a special moment," said Selman Careaga, Global President, Coca-Cola Trademark, The Coca-Cola Company.

Go!Gaming and H20
One of these unique fan experiences will be available at all Go!Gaming centers in the Netherlands this winter.
Go!Gaming is a partnership between Pathé and H20 Esports Campus and brings gamers, esports players and Pathé visitors together to discover the fun and excitement of gaming together. The first location opened in Rotterdam in December 2021, and locations in Utrecht, Groningen and Maastricht, Purmerend and Nijmegen have since been added.

Go!Gaming's centers are the perfect places where gamers can come together and experience the best gear, gaming atmosphere and conviviality.
Together with H20's knowledge and expertise in gaming and esports, the partnership between Coca-Cola, H20 and Go!Gaming lends itself perfectly to the creation of the Coca-Cola Talent days.

The Talent Days
During these days, participants can attend 5 different courses that train your skills as a gamer. The components of this circuit come from the Talent Development Program and are supervised by experts from the gaming world. Parts like reaction tests, Haptic vest training, Aim training, training within Wild Rift and more will help the gamers to prepare themselves to compete against each other in the Mini Wildrift Tournament where great prizes can be won.

Matthijs Vink, management of Go!Gaming and H20: "We see every day in our centers again gaming is something you experience together. The fact that one of the most renowned brands like Coca cola chooses, through Go!Gaming and H20, for an activation in gaming makes us aware of the fact that we have a role and responsibility to come up with and execute special concepts, this with the aim of inspiring and connecting the current generation of gamers, thanks to Coca cola this is being realized."'

Would you like to participate in the Coca-Cola Talent days yourself? Then register now here: