Gametime Racing

  • Program
  • Level: Beginner to advanced
  • When: general opening hours
  • Age: from 7 years old (see FAQ)
  • €7.50 for 30 minutes
  • Equipment


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Gametime Racing can be purchased in the shop. You can specify when and how long you want to come and play gaming. Booking Gametime Racing allows you to use the Playseats®.

30 minutes: €7.50

1 hour: €15.00

1.5 hours: €17.50

Want to stay longer gaming? Then you can easily book extra Gametime on the spot. And if you leave earlier, the Gametime you have left in your account will remain active for 2 years until your next visit. So you never book too much or too little Gametime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate as a parent?

It is only possible to participate if you have also purchased gametime for yourself and register. So reserve a spot for yourself online as well.

Can we participate in the activity with more or fewer people or on a different day than indicated?

Our activities are set up for the numbers indicated to give you the best experience! If you would like modifications to the options we refer you to our business page where events can be requested on a customized basis.

Does the price of the activity include gametime?

Yes, that includes gametime.

Can I add people at the last minute?

Yes you can, but before you come to Go!Gaming check for availability.

Can I get my money back if I still cannot participate in the activity?

Yes you can, you can do so until no later than 24 hours before the start of the activity. You can get a refund by filling out this form

How far in advance should I attend Go!Gaming?

If you have made a reservation for gametime, practices, experiences or tournaments, we ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes beforehand. This will allow enough time to log in and possibly set up your account.