Go!Gaming launches unique Fortnite Game Training on location in the Netherlands!

Under the guidance of a Game Coach, it is possible to participate in certified Fortnite training at Go!Gaming Nijmegen for a full semester starting this spring. Participants not only receive tools to become better at the game Fortnite, but above all, they also learn about the Gaming Lifestyle, make new friends, and, in addition to gaming, are involved in exercise and sports. 

Specially trained coaches guide participants each week in improving skills at both the individual and team levels. Matthijs Vink (Go!Gaming directorate): "We are enormously proud to be able to offer this training together with the Esports Coaching Association in the Netherlands for enthusiastic gamers who want to enhance their gaming hobby with the right skills to develop a healthy gaming lifestyle."

Fortnite, Valorant and Rocket League Trainings

The current training will be offered for 12 weeks in two variants: basic (1 training per week) and extended (2 training sessions per week). In addition to the game Fortnite, training is currently being developed for Valorant and Rocket League. Sjaak Kuil (Manager Gaming): "I am very excited about the new form of Game Trainings at a physical location like Go!Gaming. These trainings provide a sports club experience where you get to meet new friends for fun gaming together. With this we stimulate the further development in broad-based sports of gaming Netherlands, with which we hopefully create a rock-solid top sports climate in the future to be relevant in the world of gaming and esports."

Starting today, anyone can register for the trainings through the Go!Gaming website :https://www.gogaming.gg/game-training/. The first 10 registrations will also receive a KPN premier league soccer worth 150 euros. The first training day will take place on March 21, 2023 at Go!Gaming Nijmegen.

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