Go!Gaming closes partnership with KPN to connect gamers for best gaming experience

To allow gamers to experience the ultimate gaming experience, KPN is connecting all Go!Gaming locations to First Class Internet via fiber. Go!Gaming connected by KPN, ensures that gamers who do not yet have fiber at home can enjoy the best gaming experience on location. In several Pathé cinemas, Go!Gaming has state-of-the art centers where gamers can enjoy the ultimate gaming experience with their friends via KPN's fast and stable fiber-optic network. 


A partnership between Pathé and H20 Esports Campus, Go!Gaming brings together gamers, esports players and Pathé visitors to discover the fun and excitement of gaming together. The first location opened in Rotterdam in December 2021; locations in Utrecht, Groningen and Maastricht have since been added. Gaming is the fastest growing entertainment market in the world and more and more games are supported via the cloud. As a result, gamers increasingly demand high-quality network connections, both at home and on location via 5G or KPN's fast and stable network.


Connecting Gamers

Matthijs Vink, Go!Gaming board member: "In KPN we have found the perfect partner to help Go!Gaming become known to a broad target group of gamers and people interested in gaming. Real gamers know the importance of a stable and high-quality connection, so KPN's fiber-optic network is indispensable for the best gaming experience. We are immensely proud that KPN has the confidence to make this investment. With this we believe that a next step has been taken to establish a great and successful concept in the Netherlands. Together with KPN we want to bring gamers together physically and connect them". 


KPN, the provider of gaming Netherlands

KPN is currently going all out to connect everyone in the Netherlands to the sustainable, fast and stable fiber optic network. "This is happening at lightning speed," says Robin Clements, EVP Marketing and Products at KPN. "Nevertheless, some gamers still have to wait a while to enjoy First Class internet at home with symmetrical speeds. Thanks to Go!Gaming connected by KPN they can discover in a nice environment what it means to game over the network of the Netherlands." As the main sponsor of the eDivision and launching partner of E-Oranje, KPN has a long-term relationship with gaming Netherlands. There is also the exclusive partnership with Microsoft with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. With 5G and First Class Internet, KPN's network meets the needs of the most demanding gamers.


Go!Gaming connected by KPN

In addition to building the fiber-optic network, KPN and Go!Gaming are also joining forces to organize activities and gaming tournaments in the gaming centers, KPN stores and numerous other locations.