Apex Legends

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: Battle Royale, First person shooter
Game mode: Multiplayer
Age verification: PEGI 16
Platform: PC Gaming - Playstation 5

Apex Legends is a battle royale game distinguished from other royale games by the addition of Legends. These are characters with predetermined roles, such as offensive, defensive, support and exploration.

Players are grouped into teams of three, with each member choosing a different Legend. At the beginning of each round, there are 20 teams, or "squads," competing against each other. Each team starts without equipment, weapons and ammunition, but can find them in the game. As players compete against each other, the playing field keeps shrinking. When a player is eliminated, a team member can take their banner to a "Spawn Beacon" to revive that player.

Disclaimer: At Go!Gaming, we use the PEGI age ratings.


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About Apex Legends

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